Candidates on the November 2023 Ballot

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Judicial Candidates

Michael Kemerer

Judge, Mansfield Municipal Court

David Badnell

Judge, Mansfield Municipal Court

Jerry Snay

Clerk of Municipal Court, Mansfield

Sheree Studer

Judge, Shelby Municipal Court

City of Mansfield

Jodie Perry

Mayor, City of Mansfield

Kelly Blankenship

Director of Finance

Deborah Mount

Candidate, 6th Ward - Mansfield City Council

Harold Wayman

Candidate, 4th Ward - Mansfield City Council

David Falquette

Candidate, Council-at-Large

Member of the Charter Review Commission, Mansfield


Charles P. Hahn
Shari Robertson

Ward 1

Michael John Miranda

Ward 2

Jason Crundwell

Ward 6

Gabe Zader